Lutz Fritsch Gerade Gebogen

31.10.2014 - 20.12.2014

We are pleased to announce our fourth solo-exhibition gerade gebogen by Cologne based artist Lutz Fritsch (*1955).

Within the exhibition, latest indoor sculptures and drawings enter into a dialogue with each other. With his group of wall-sculptures named Outline, Lutz Fritsch breaks new ground within his ongoing investigation of space: »So far my lines have always been straight, both in space or on the wall, but now they also start to leave the wall and become more dynamic.« This dynamization of the line is a consistent further development of his artistic investigations.

This also turns up in his new drawings called Turbulences, characterized by their strong physical energy of a rotating line. Here, two color planes interrelate with one another and are covered and captured by circling lines. Between the rotation of the line and the balance of the color planes a powerful area of tension occurs whose center is quiet. The image area becomes the action field of the three-dimensional movement. »In this process I am interested to find the balance, the proportion of quiet and dynamic,« says the artist.

Lutz Fritsch’s drawings are always characterized by the dialogue of lines and color planes. This principle also becomes visible in his group of works called »Architektur für Emotionen« (»Architecture for Emotions«), which is presented in the exhibition and for the first time is extended by a large wall-drawing in the first gallery room. The sculpture »Gegenüber Rot« unites distinctive features of Lutz Fritsch sculptures. The viewer encounters this red vertical at the wall as a sculptural counterpart. Within the exhibition it builds a calm counterpoint towards the dynamic drawings and sculptures.

Since 1978 Lutz Fritsch has been focusing on the relationship between line, color, plane and space. Characteristic for his artistic work is both the intuitive and the analytic involvement with space – expressed by sculpture, drawing and photography. His site-specific outdoor sculptures intervene structures of space and therefore change given or build new spaces such as »Rheinorange« (1992) in Duisburg, »Bibliothek im Eis« (»Library in Ice«) (2005) in Antarctica or »Standortmitte« (2008) at both ends of the Autobahn 555 in Cologne and Bonn.

Lutz Fritsch received the Leo-Breuer-Award 2014 of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) which is accompanied by an exhibition in the Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung (gkg) in Bonn which will be on display until November 09, 2014. Furthermore the Museum Wiesbaden will present a solo-exhibition with the artist in 2015: Lutz Fritsch: Cosmos, February 02 – May 05, 2014. A catalogue will be published on this occasion.

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