Klaus Schmitt Klaus Schmitt

09.12.2006 - 11.01.2007

Klaus Schmitt (born 1955, Mönchengladbach) developed his body of work in his very own, conconformist way. Principally, his work employs contrasts in a dualistic sense: In-/outside, enclosed/open, massive/transparent, heavy/light refer to metaphysical relations of life or death, individual and the all including cosmos. His paintings, sculptures and installations reflect a tension between tectonic order and expressive irregularity.

Schmitt describes his sculptures as ›vehicles to define spaces‹. Clearly related to its sites, (e.g. mundane spaces, churches, and public locations) the viewers’ expectation is broken and the spaces’ heritage questioned. In his paintings, lines of colors overlay like Mikado sticks. Diverging between chance and planning, the artists creates ›two-dimensional sculptures‹ as if to break into the surrounding space.

At Christian Lethert Gallery, his sculptural interventions are specifically made for the exhibition space. They counterpoint large-scale canvasses and works on paper, produced in his studio during the last months. Spatial nets and stars feature intense colorings and are shown next to new graphite »Atom drawings«. They are both insistently present and powerful.

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