07.06.2013 - 27.07.2013

We are pleased to announce our third solo-exhibition Break Through The Lines by Düsseldorf based sculptor Kai Richter. Besides site-specific installations the arist shows a new group of collages.

Kai Richter’s sculptures not only transform raw materials from the construction industry into works of art but also, and primarily, the space that surrounds them. In the truest sense oft he word, his works ›capture the space‹ since his construction-material installationsnot only occupy the space with their momentum and dynamics but also literally reach in and make the space real to the observer. As you can see, the sculptor is interested in creating a way to make a so-called dialog between the sculpture itself and the surrounding space in which it can unfold. The result is a symbiosis – a sort of ›give and take‹ since the one defines the other and both claim their right to exist, at least for the limited duration of the artistic intervention.
Even though Richter’s large-format, space-related works literally take over the space and assert themselves very strongly there, they point out the stories of the space with selfassured authority and are not provocative. Strongly reduced in form and color, areas and volumes are what count here.
Richter’s installations, objects and photo-collages are not just the mere paraphrasing of architecture or construction sites. They themselves are neither architecture nor architectural by products nor only mere reproductions of architecture. Instead they exist next to or within the architecture as commentary, theses or even prognoses. (Gerard Goodrow)

Kai Richter‘ new collages give a fourth dimension to the complexity of his installations: the impossible. Seemingly multi-perspective they result in unreal and impossible impressions of space that reinforce the character of his sculptures.

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