Group Show

15.02.2022 - 26.03.2022

Galerie Christian Lethert is pleased to start the exhibition year 2022 with a group exhibition featuring all sixteen artists of the gallery.

The delicate color application of Fergus Feehily’s small-sized work is reminiscent of Chinese faience. It is a first signifier of his solo exhibition, which we will open in April. Parallely, Natascha Schmitten will also present her exhibition of new paintings. The group show features her work »In Limbo I«. In it, the artist holds in suspension countless nuances of blue tones, which she builds up in layers to form a dynamic pictorial narrative. At a height of almost three meters, Sonia Leimer makes vase objects float on filigree reinforcing irons that bend slightly due to the weight, thus revealing a view into the deep black interior. »Schwarzes Loch« (»Black Hole«) is the title of the works. Kai Richter, on the other hand, lets his sculpture, a large, massive ball made of yellow Doka beam sections, hang down into the depths of the room using a thin steel cable. A ›demolition ball‹ made of building material – an exciting contradiction between construction and destruction. The large-sized painting by the Düsseldorf artist Imi Knoebel comes from the series of date pictures. These are composed of aluminum elements that do not overlap, but abut each other precisely. In »Bild 08.04.2014« a two-part organic meets a geometric form, with powerful brushstrokes the former shines in mother-of-pearl and the latter in dark blue color. Daniel Lergon is represented with new paintings; starting from an earthy primer, he develops color-intensive paintings in several layers of application and removal which seem to glow from within. »auf ganzer Linie« (»all along the line«) is the title of the new wall work by sculptor Lutz Fritsch. A red lacquered line of aluminum lies on a matte indigo-colored panel. At the upcoming Art Düsseldorf, which takes place from April 7 to 10, we will show a solo presentation of the artist and would be pleased to welcome you at our booth.

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