Gereon Krebber Gewürm

17.03.2007 - 13.04.2007

The objects by Gereon Krebber (born 1973, lives in London) deal with materiality and ambivalence. Materials like acrylic resin, timber, plaster and foil are used disregarding their original purpose and therefore valued in a new way.

Contradictory links and unexpected relations detract the objects from the well-known and easily-recognized. The attraction of surfaces and materials stimulate him to provoke imaginations, puzzleling the given in an individual way and questioning its meaning. Krebber tries to examine the valuation of things and their relation. He explores conditions and constellations in which they can become something new.

Entering the gallery the viewer is confronted by a tangled sling made of foil, timber and balloons. The wrapped cling film solidifies into a body, constantly being at the verge of losing its rigid structure. It grows into the shape of a monumental air spiral, absorbing its surroundings in blurred reflections and almost opening up an ideal reality. Further inside, the viewer encounters two devoured pieces made of electric cable reminiscent of a brain. Almost classically shaped resin sculptures meet a regiment of busts. These comic figures are at the same time animal-like and human. However they dismiss any classic representations. Sightless, they authentically only reference themselves and stare almost vindictively.

We cordially invite you to join the finissage of the exhibition on Friday, 13th April, 6 – 8 pm Catalogue launch of Gereon Krebber: All that is solid melts into air.

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