Fergus Feehily Cameos Calls Dust

08.04.2022 - 04.06.2022

Galerie Christian Lethert is pleased to present the solo exhibition Cameos Calls Dust by artist Fergus Feehily in which he subtly intervenes in the architecture of the exhibition space.

Feehily gave us these notes, remarking that they may or may not be useful:

A man stood outside a store, he was dressed as most Hare Krishna devotees in shades of orange, and tried to talk to anyone who passed. He was under a grey Northern sky. Was he in this street or was he in New Delhi?

I have long been interested in the lone actor, it could be snooker player Alex ›Hurricane‹ Higgins, Harold Lloyd hanging from a teetering arm of a clock or the writer, such as Elizabeth Taylor, sitting alone at her desk.

Elizabeth Taylor wrote in her 1947 novel, A View of the Harbour: No one asks us to write. If we stop, who will implore us to go on? The only goodness that will ever come out of it is surely this moment now, wondering if »vague« will do better than »faint«, or »faint« than »vague«, and what is to follow; putting one word alongside another, like matching silks, a sort of game.

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