Daniel Lergon Potential Eisen

06.09.2013 - 18.10.2013

On the occasion of this year’s DUESSELDORF COLOGNE OPEN we are very delighted to present the gallery’s fifth solo exhibition POTENTIAL EISEN by Daniel Lergon.

The Berlin based painter Daniel Lergon (b. 1978) shows paintings and drawings of his latest body of work. Powdered and neutrally bound iron on canvas and paper functions as the work’s base coat. The iron particles on the painting’s surface oxidate by applying acidified water and therefore determine the modulation of form and color. The potential of the painting’s surface is chemically aroused, unlike in his earlier work series on fluorescent or retro reflective material that was physically changed by applying transparent lacquer. As then light played a major and form giving role, now the process of pictorial invention is made visible in different levels of materiality. The charged material and the artist’s response to it influence the pictorial invention.

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