Galerie Christian Lethert
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CHARITY sales exhibition

for the benefit of Galerie Peter Lethert, Bad Münstereifel

Friday, August 20, 2021 at the Gallery Christian Lethert, Cologne

Home unites, so a charity sales exhibition is being held for the benefit of gallery owner Peter Lethert, whose gallery in Bad Münstereifel has been badly affected by the flood disaster. Peter Lethert and Christian Lethert, who are connected by their surname but not by any family relationship, have known and appreciated each other for many years.

Artists from Galerie Peter Lethert as well as Galerie Christian Lethert donate works that you can purchase on Friday, August 20, 2021. All proceeds will go to the reconstruction of the gallery in Bad Münstereifel.

Participating artists of Galerie Peter Lethert: Vladimir Baranov, Andrej Henze, Robert Klümpen, Lea Lenhart, Benjamin Nachtwey, Georg Plath, Jan Schüler, Annette von der Bey, Nele Waldert, Andreas M. Wiese, Jin-Sook Chun, Klaus Sievers, Joscha Bender as well as artists of Galerie Christian Lethert.

We will offer "Flutwein" ("Flood wine") from the Kriechen Winery from Ahrweiler that day.

We are looking forward to your coming, but you are also welcome to contact us by phone or email.

We thank you, also on behalf of Peter Lethert cordially for your support! The team of Galerie Christian Lethert

The heavy rains of July 14, 2021, caused a devastating flood disaster within a few hours, from the Eifel to the Cologne Bay, the Bergisches Land to the Sauerland. Many dead, still missing and injured are to be mourned and the region continues to struggle with the consequences of the destruction.