Sonia Leimer What’s left

03.09.2021 - 30.10.2021

Galerie Christian Lethert is delighted to present the first solo exhibition by the artist Sonia Leimer. Three current series of works will be shown combining a direct network of relationships with which Leimer impressively visualizes the manufacturing process as an experiment.

Vibrant lengths of fabric from the serie »Earthwork« drape the walls and three sculptures »Untitled« made of unfired clay are placed in the exhibition space. The fact that the fabric panels, made from workwear fabrics, were used to create the intricate sculptures is indicated by the remaining imprints: almost painterly-looking traces left by the clay as it was rolled out into thin slabs on the colorful fabrics and then bent and thus transferred into its ›final‹ form. The tenseness of this difficult and risky process is inscribed in the sculptures, a form of tension that seems to be transferred to the viewers. Going down one floor, one comes across sculptures with the title »What’s left«, which consist of the fired clay remains left over from the process of making the unfired clay sculptures. For these objects, Leimer built idiosyncratic plinths from wood scraps that accumulated over time in her studio. What’s left is also the title of this exhibition, in which the artist assembles »highly subtle artworks« that »appeal to both the sense of touch and sight«. The works contain »a critical moment of both suspense and transience: they unfold a brief history of modern art, from the utopia of the black square to the pathos of performance, and from the ethos of the material’s self-gained independence to the conceptual use of industrial products« (Silvia Eibelmayr).

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