02.02.2007 - 10.03.2007

Galerie Christian Lethert is pleased to announce its next exhibition. The gallery will open the exhibition-year 2007 with the group show Position 02/07 – 50°56`25.38N – 6°56`15.61O: The title refers to the location of the gallery in the Belgium quarter in Cologne – the conceptual overview of the currently represented artistic positions will be shown:

Fergus Feehily, Lutz Fritsch, Imi Knoebel, Gereon Krebber, Daniel Lergon, Klaus Schmitt, Katharina Sieverding, Jorinde Voigt

Further exhibitions in 2007: at the end of March the gallery presents works and installations of the London based artist Gereon Krebber, which show reflexions particular materials and their transformation in sculpture. It is followed by an exhibition of new work by the Irish artist Fergus Feehily, whose work resists categorization, occupying a space between non-representation and image. Afterwards the gallery shows works of Berlin based artist Jorinde Voigt, who deals with repetitive structures on the perception level. Focus of her works is mostly cliché afflicted objects, which have corporate representativeness.

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