Jill Baroff Species of Space

20.11.2020 - 23.01.2021

Galerie Christian Lethert is pleased to present works by the American artist Jill Baroff. Her new sculptures and drawings experiment with ideas realized by simple, proscribed permutations, resulting in a surprising diversity.

Jill Baroff describes how to deal with the »frightening complexity of a simple task« as follows: »Begin with a ubiquitous form, the most basic form of the table. Divide the table top down its middle, reorient the halves and install the table’s legs in their original corners. The resulting paradox is a series of variations so distinct, that animatedly function in space so uniquely in relationship to the floor and wall, as to belie their shared beginnings.
A similar process: begin a drawing by painting a border around the edge of a sheet of paper. Cut away the border (leaving a thin-lined memory of its position) and fold/pull/float the resulting line through a process of chance and ordering. Glorious multiplicity, again.« Just as Sol Le Witt, the pioneer of Minimalism and Conceptual Art formulated it in 1969 in his Sentences on Conceptual Art: »Irrational thought shoud be followed absolutely and logically«.
The resulting modular sculptures and multi-layered drawings embrace materiality with a surprising lightness and freedom.

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