Daniel Lergon Eigengrau

05.06.2015 - 18.07.2015

Galerie Christian Lethert is delighted to present new works by the artist Daniel Lergon (b. 1978).

In his latest paintings Lergon has again worked with particle-bound metals such as zinc and copper instead of the usal pigments. Copper, applied in large brush-strokes on a thick and rich zinc-ground, shimmers between yellow, red, rose-red to dark red color nuances and thus calls the viewer’s attention to the resulting forms.

With his title Eigengrau Lergon refers back to our visual perceptions, free from the influence of outside stimuli, e.g. with our eyes closed. In total darkness we do not see black, but a medium grey, the so-called eigengrau or intrinsic grey. Some people are even able to make out certain structures or shapes within this eigengrau. Such subjective perception is also reflected in the broad interpretive range of Lergon’s pictures.

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