23.06.2017 - 22.07.2017

Galerie Christian Lethert is delighted to present the first solo exhibition featuring the American artist Richard Tuttle. Since the beginnings in 1965, his artistic work eludes categorical classification thus testifying Tuttle’s unabated curiosity which has made him one of the most original and influential contemporary artists to date.

This open-mindedness and sensibility is also reflected in the exhibition BOOKS, MULTIPLES, PRINTS, WRITINGS AND NEW PROJECTS. In close collaboration with the artist and in harmony with the spatial conditions, works were chosen and an exhibition architecture was designed that convincingly highlight the specifically open and variable character of Richard Tuttle’s oeuvre.
The graphic art of recent years, demonstrates an ingenious and inventive working process. Note the collaboration with The Song Cave, New York, and their freshly published (2017) edition »´negativities«, a light turquoise drawing that is superimposed by a handwritten text. Tuttle’s first digital print was not only unprecedented with regards to its making but also enabled the artist to combine text and image for the first time, thus creating a symbiosis between his hand-made books and printed graphics.
The fact that Richard Tuttle explores new possibilities with each project, always making high demands on form, colour, material, and print, is also evident in the multiples, artist’s books, and catalogues as well as books, of which he designed the covers, shown in the second room. Among these works there is also a collection of short poems that were written between June and October 2008 and that are now re-edited in 2017 under the title »Rest«. The fragmented texts spread across the pages like small sculptural formations and correspond to the intuitive and fragile character of Richard Tuttle’s work. The choice and form of presentation aims to demonstrate and highlight the transformation process of the forms of works as well as the inspiring connectivity within the multifaceted but highly consistent work by Richard Tuttle.

We would like to inform you that the Walther König bookstore has installed a special Richard Tuttle window for the duration of the exhibition.

At the end of this special collaboration, for which we would like to thank Erhard Klein, the Galerie Christian Lethert will be leaving the present location in the ›Belgische Viertel‹. In October, we will celebrate the inauguration of our new gallery space, only walking distance away, with a group exhibition.

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