»Leidenschaft ist unser Antrieb« - Works from Collection Kunstraum am Limes

04.09.2020 - 31.10.2020

For many years Galerie Christian Lethert and the Kunstraum am Limes – Sammlung Zeitgenössischer Kunst have been collaborated closely. Therefore we are delighted to present parts of the collection in Cologne in memory of Dr. Axel Ciesielski (1944-2019). In addition to this first exhibition cooperation, Galerie Christian Lethert will continue to work with Kunstraum am Limes and will also take care of the collection in the future.

The exhibition title »Leidenschaft ist unser Antrieb« (»Passion is our motivation«) quotes a Sigmar Polke edition from 1999. At the same time it describes what drove Ciesielski to build up his collection: the fascination and passion for contemporary art. A gallery visit in 1997 laid the foundation for the collection, which today comprises important works by Sigmar Polke and his teacher K.O. Götz, as well as by Beuys students Imi Knoebel, Felix Droese and Katharina Sieverding. A younger generation of artists is also represented, such as Gereon Krebber, Alicja Kwade, Daniel Lergon and Jorinde Voigt.
The ceramic tradition of the region is also reflected in the numerous pieces in the collection and thus Ciesielski’s affinity to his native region. With his enthusiasm for art and the desire to share it with others – »Art must be visible«, as the passionate collector always emphasized –, the Kunstraum am Limes – Sammlung Zeitgenössischer Kunst in Hillscheid was founded in 2005.
The exhibition in Cologne brings together works by 29 artists from the collection, including the grid picture »Biertisch« (1999) by Sigmar Polke, the work »Kunst=Kapital« (1980) by Joseph Beuys and the original wall painting »Blaues Dreieck«, which Blinky Palermo mounted above a door in the Galerie Klein in Bonn in 1972. In a photograph by Gerhard Richter, one encounters Palermo once again. Alongside an early flower still life by K.O. Götz from 1937, the bronze work »Weed« (2011) by Tony Matelli rises from the floor and the paper work »Immersion I (7)« (2018) by Jorinde Voigt hangs next to the large-format work »ENCODE XIV« (2006) by her former teacher Katharina Sieverding. The sculptures »Aether« (2010) by Alicja Kwade and »Modified Social Bench« (2008) by Jeppe Hein look like experimental set-ups.

The Kunstraum am Limes – Sammlung Zeitgenössischer Kunst will open in cooperation with Galerie Christian Lethert the exhibition Sigmar Polke – Die Editionen on Sunday, September 6, 2020 from noon to 3 pm in Hillscheid. The exhibition presents the complete edition work of the artist Sigmar Polke (1941-2010). The Kunstraum is the only collection in the world to have at least one copy of each of the extensive collection, created between 1963 and 2010 and which comprises almost 200 works. The exhibition is part of the new permanent exhibition, which also includes works by Imi Knoebel and Gereon Krebber and is supplemented by an annually changing program.

The next gallery opening reception will take place on November 20, 2020, and will show works by the American artist Jill Baroff as well as artist books and catalogs by and about Richard Tuttle.

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