Gereon Krebber ANTIMÖB

20.04.2018 - 21.07.2018

With his exhibition ANTIMÖB the sculptor Gereon Krebber temporarily settles down at the new premises of Galerie Christian Lethert. Living space is known to be rare in Cologne therefore the artist and his bizarre morbid looking sculptures occupy the back room of the gallery.

An act of ›constructive destruction‹ was subjected to the sculptures formerly used as pieces of furniture. The sooty black surfaces have been scorched under the influence of fire. Only a sceleton is left of the broom cupboard. And instead of a broom an oxtail dangles in it. The wardrobe has fallen off its hinges and myriads of ›foam worms‹ swell out in organic-looking formations. Charred and filled with burned logs between which a piece of epoxy resin is stuck, the cradle looks like the materialization of a nightmare. Here and there are playful or even salacious moments full of irony, in the otherwise rather dismissive-looking sculpture-furnishings. The bizarre collection of chairs, cupboards, and chests of drawers in the fully packed back room of the gallery appear like a stock of props of a horror cabinet. So the question arises: »Do you create evil animals out of all these furniture?«

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