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Richard Tuttle

Catalogs & Artist books from the Collection Erhard Klein | 20.11.2020–23.01.2021

Galerie Christian Lethert exhibits catalogs and artist books by American artist Richard Tuttle from the Collection Erhard Klein. With great dedication and enthusiasm, Erhard Klein, former gallery owner with galleries in Bonn and Bad Münstereifel, has put together a collection of publications produced between 1973 and 2020. We are delighted to present parts of this collection in the basement of the gallery.

Erhard Klein and Richard Tuttle met in the 1970s during exhibition openings in Germany and Switzerland and immediately Erhard Klein was fascinated by the American's fine, abstract works. Studio visits followed in New York and later in Galisteo, near Santa Fe, where Erhard Klein visited the artist and his family together with his son. »He always drove with us in a good mood with our rental car through New Mexico and showed us everything worth seeing. At the Casa Sin Nombre Gallery in Santa Fe he had the exhibition Lonesome Cowboy Styrofoam (1989) and I bought half of the exhibition,« Erhard Klein remembers. Knowing about Erhard Klein's passion for his catalogs and books, in 1989 Richard Tuttle produced for him the artist's book 40 Days, including a special edition of 100 copies with a color lithograph attached.
The presentation impressively demonstrates Richard Tuttle‘s high demands to design, technique and materials in each individual project. His unabated curiosity and the will to break new and innovative ground is evident in his art, but also in his publications.

Richard Tuttle, born 1941 in Rahawy, New Jersey, USA lives in New York, New Mexico and Maine. He completed his studies at Trinity College, Hartford, in 1963 and opened his first solo exhibition in 1965 at the Betty Parson Gallery in New York. Since then his works have been presented in numerous museums and galleries worldwide, and he has also been represented at the documenta and the Venice Biennale for several times. Currently, works by the artist are part of the annual exhibition Das kleine Spiel zwischen dem Ich und dem Mir (The subtle interplay between the I and the me) at the Kolumba Art museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne.

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